Spotify Premium APK v8.5.45.620 Download 2020 [100% Working]

Spotify Premium Apk: In case you haven’t heard about the app, Spotify is a downloadable music streaming service provider that offers you access to all sorts of songs. Through Spotify, you’re free to listen to millions of songs and podcasts.

You can listen to them in many languages made by the artists you love and enjoy their songs, including Hindi, English, and Spanish, etc. This commonly popular software also helps you to access ad-free streaming music and also helps to stream Paid subscription songs. 

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The downloading of songs is extremely fast. Find your favorite singer, music that’s trendy, and then click play. Whether you’re trying to listen to the latest pop star or a friendly list of songs, there’s no limit as to what you’ll find on Spotify. You can download songs from any genre, just type in the genre, and the app should find the kind of music that you want.

Another advantage is that even though you’re offline you can listen to the songs. Play music from the best artists you want, and albums. There’s a playlist for everyone from rock to Bollywood. Spotify couldn’t make music streaming easier.

The Spotify app offers access to more than 50 million songs. Users can build, modify, and share playlists, share social media tracks, and make compilations with other members. Spotify offers connectivity to some 50 million albums, 450,000 podcasts, and 3 billion playlists.

Spotify Premium Apk

What Is Spotify Apk?

Spotify works globally in different countries under a variety of corporations. Spotify reportedly has 44 globally run offices. Although free accounts remained on the obligation to handle the provider’s production, the launch enabled paying subscriptions to anyone and everyone.

Spotify revealed a user base of one million paid users throughout Europe around March 2011, and the number of registered users had increased to two million by September 2011. In order to support absolute and complete musical understanding and to provide for tools to curate the discovery of music for over a million users all over the world, Spotify proclaimed to have acquired The Echo Nest, a company known for its musical intelligence, in March 2014.

July 2015 was when Discover Weekly was launched by Spotify, which was basically a playlist, generated every week and renewed and updates every Monday, which brought all the Spotify users the music recommendations designed custom. It brought a list of songs that were a mix of both the listener’s preference and the ones heard by similar listeners.

#1 Trending Music Streaming App

Spotify launched another feature called the Release Radar in August 2016, which was a playlist that could be personalized, allowing the Spotify users to stay updated with all the new songs that were being released by the artists of their preference. It further helped the users to come across new music and the ones most heard by others. The rise was another initiative through Spotify, which aimed at encouraging the promotion of the emerging new face of the music industry, in October 2017.

I hope that’s enough for an insight into this widely used music app. So what are you waiting for? Download the app now and build your largest and greatest compilation of music ever.

And as if this much was not enough, there are Desktop and iPhone as well as iPad and Android versions available for the app for you too. Sign up to the profile and get, set, LISTEN!!!

Spotify Apk is available on Android mobiles and tablets for free. 

What Is Spotify Premium Apk?

Spotify Premium Apk is a file that you can download on your Android device and play and listen to music for free. You can download all the songs you want to download with Spotify without spending a single penny. Moving to the features of Spotify premium Apk that you’ll download from here, you’ll get almost all the features that Spotify premium offers you when you pay for it.

You can stream Audio music in between songs without any advertising. You can stream music services for free without any advertising, and you can stream pause cards without any advertising too.

One can skip as many songs as they want to skip. One can also make a playlist in the download portion. Another key feature of the app is the high-quality audio it provides us all with. High-quality audio is one of the main features of Spotify Premium Apk.

You can mix up as many songs as you like to mix. Most people want to listen to a single song for a number of times, or you can describe this as a repeat mode. On Spotify premium Apk, you will get the advantages of playing a song as many times as you want to replay it.

Spotify Premium Apk Download

Download Spotify Premium Apk Latest Version


Name Spotify Premium Apk
Mod Version
Size 28 MB
Offered By Spotify Ltd.
Last Updated March, 2020
Mod Features Premium Unlocked, No Ads
Telegram Channel  Join Now

Spotify Apk Premium Features

Listening to infinite songs.

Spotify Premium Apk

With Spotify Premium mod Apk, you can listen to your favorite album, not just that listen to unlimited tracks too. If you’re a radio lover, then by listening to your favorite radio station, you can listen to your favorite radio and songs. In case you don’t really want to waste your data on the tracks you don’t want to listen to, then you should eliminate it out of the playlist so it will never bug you going from one famous album to another in the future. As far as your information is concerned, let me make it absolutely clear that Spotify provides quite a few skips; however, Spotify premium offers infinite skips. Data use also reduces significantly with infinite skips.

Hearing Tracks in Great Quality.

Listen Music On Spotify

If you won’t negotiate with your favorite track’s audio quality at any price, then this would be excellent news for you. You can tune in to your favorite track at the highest audio quality on Spotify premium mod Apk. You can not only use Spotify premium mod Apk on your device in your region if it is banned there, but you also get limitless functions that most other countries have with Spotify premium mod Apk.

Enjoy music even during a phone-call.

Talking On Call

If you’ve been talking on the phone for a considerable time and want to listen to your music while you’re on a phone call, then you can do it with Spotify premium mod Apk. You can listen to your best track when you’re on your phone call. You still don’t want to download the premium Apk? Then wait…there’s more!!!

Say no to those advertisements.

No Ads

When you’re using a Spotify app, you’ve got to suffer a lot of annoying ads while you enjoy your favorite songs and everything else. Spotify premium mod Apk ensures that you don’t get any commercials, so you just get uninterrupted music access.

Limitless installs.

Spotify Premium Apk Download

When you’re driving, listening to music is a lot of fun, but the signals make you irritated. Then you can download your favorite tracks and enjoy the same while driving with the advantage of Spotify premium mod Apk.

More Features

• Play any music on any given screen at whatever point of time— mobile, phone, or computer. You pick, and Spotify plays.

• Easy to operate — just scan for music and select play and get lost in the depths of all the fantastic tunes it provides, or you can just binge into a radio station.

• Download music to listen offline. Enjoy everywhere you are. What else could be better than traveling and listening to the greatest hits at the same time?

• Enjoy a higher sound quality than ever before. No more buffering and breaking of sound to annoy you while listening to music.

• No commercials, all uninterrupted music, and that too for free? DIVINE!!!

• No commitment-cancel at any moment you want to without any pressure of losing the money you have already paid to the app. But why would you cancel? It indeed is such a great music and radio app.

Spotify Premium For Free

And, you will enjoy 30 free trials before you decide if you want to go premium. And I can assure you of falling in love with this app and eventually becoming a paid and trusted subscriber for the social music platform, which is appreciated by many celebrities too. Who knows your interest in music could take you places?

There are various ways to download Spotify Apk for your device, be it a phone or a desktop. Its only constraint is that: You’ll note the same restrictions as Spotify’s desktop edition, which is based on user agreements. But we will get on to that part too of listening to music without any restriction on any device you want.

How To Install Spotify Mod Apk?

If you are installing Spotify Mod Apk for the first time, then you should not skip this. Here are a few steps to follow, keep reading.

  • Firstly, delete or uninstall the original Spotify App If you have downloaded previously.
  • Now Download The Spotify Mod Apk, From Our Site.
  • After completing the download process, save it on you Android device.
  • If you are installing Apk file first time on your phone, you need to check unknown sources from your Android security settings.
  • Install the Spotify Premium Apk on your Android device.
  • Enjoy The Spotify Premium at free of cost.

Spotify Premium Apk On PC

Typically, we all enjoy listening to songs on our Smartphone, but some people really enjoy listening to their preferred track when working on their Desktop at their workplace.

They can install the Spotify app immediately, but they do not get access to the actual functions they have on Spotify’s premium mod Apk, such as the phone. Now they can add Spotify Premium Apk to their Desktop to enjoy all of it. Given is the link to download Spotify mod Apk on your device.

Installation process

Then wait for it to download as it gets. Then install it for further sessions. Now access the Spotify premium mod Apk on your Mac or PC absolutely FREE

Spotify Premium For IOS Download

Many people use the iPhone, and it runs on its own IOS version, as we all know. You need to download the Spotify Premium Mod Apk on your device to enjoy Spotify for free on your IOS. To access the Apk file, click on the button given below.

Installation process

Stay another few seconds when it is being downloaded. Then activate the download-list Apk file. Install it; if it wants permissions, then go to setup and grant permission by clicking the right button to “Allow this file to be installed” Enjoy the premium mod Apk Spotify for FREE on your IOS device.

Spotify Premium Apk (FAQ)

People often get nervous when installing the Apk file, and think long and hard before downloading something. Often websites share insecure Apk files; however, the links we offer here are secure. Now you can download the Apk file mentioned without any tension and enjoy Premium for FREE.

Streaming music App Spotify is stepping up its battle against ad blockers by banning them completely in its terms of the agreement. Until now, Spotify customers who employed commercial-circumventing tools had disabled their services and then sent a warning via mail. And when you’re signing in with the email as well as using ad blockers, you might get barred from using it.

How Can I Get Spotify Premium For Free

Although to enjoy the original validation and usage of Spotify premium, you may only apply for the free trial or pay your way out. However, there are several hacked or spin-off Spotify versions on your app stores if you check. All of these can provide you with a free and unlimited supply of Spotify premium, and you wouldn’t even have to pay a single penny.

You may download these and uninstall the original Spotify, but these wouldn’t guarantee you 100% satisfaction and the same experience that Spotify promises to provide you. We agree that the ads and offline unavailability of music can be a real pain, but it’s best to opt out for the safe, real and legal option of Spotify premium, and that is to purchase. 

Is Hacked Spotify safe?

Many times, modded files in particular guarantee unavailability of any malicious viruses and malware, as we mentioned earlier, these can have certain undetected malware which may hinder our device. Although cases of detected malware are less, one can never be secure with the safety offered by an illegal file. To be safe, we would suggest you refrain from indulging in any of such activities for illegal downloads. 

Can Spotify get you banned?

Yes, if, for some reason or in some way, Spotify is able to detect unlawful or illegal activity regarding Spotify on your device, your account might as well be disabled. Accessing illegal or hacked versions of Spotify, Spotify warns, will end up in the situation of Spotify banning the user permanently. Such cases have been reported earlier also. Spotify has sent emails to all the offenders warning them, yes, there are usually only warnings, but the possibility of banning the users is also present. 

Can a Lucky Patcher hack Spotify?

Lucky Patcher can and is used by users for unlimited skips and the like and also to block adds. But this application cannot be used for downloading or saving music on your device for offline usage and streaming. However, it is a debatable situation of whether it can hack Spotify. Although, claims have been made that the user can download Lucky Patcher on their device, and after it has been successfully downloaded, one can enter the app and click on the Spotify icon.

The hack will be made thereafter. But certain users have also suggested that this is a false claim, and no such thing happens on following these instructions. So one may only try it oneself and find out.  

To wind it all up

From old to new, music is for everyone. We all love to hear music while doing any work or after doing so much work. It relaxes one’s mind and provides fresh mental energy to start your work. Spotify provides you with many already made Spotify playlists such as workout playlists, gym playlists, party playlists, birthday party playlists, playlists are also categorized based on the mood you have such as sad playlists, happy playlists, etc. or even based on the songs you have listened before or your favorite artists. If you’re searching for the Spotify Premium Apk, we now really hope you’ve finished your hunt.

Today we shared the Spotify mod Apk with all of you, and you can use it conveniently without having to create a Spotify account. What is better than listening to old classic songs while sipping tea and reading the daily news in the newspaper? Exactly. NOTHING!!! And what is better than listening to uninterrupted and high-quality party songs while at a party be it a birthday party, wedding, or some small family reunion? The answer remains the same, nothing. 

Thank us later, and plug into nirvana.

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