Real Flight Simulator Apk Download For Android- July 2019

Download Real Flight Simulator Apk

This is a generation of smartphones, and we all love to spend most of the time on smartphones. Few people love surfing, while some love is watching movies and playing games. Nowadays we can see developers releasing lots of new games every day.

There are multiple categories of games; people love to play whatever is popular on the Play Store and iOS App Store.

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There are also trends of Simulator games, like Truck Simulator, Car Simulator Games. Now people are searching Flight Simulator Games as well.

In this post, I have come Flight Simulator Games, which is getting popular insanely. Game is called “RFS- Real Flight Simulator,” which gained more than Lacs of Download while it is still under the beta program.

It is not released yet; people can download early access to this game from play store by paying a nominal charge of $0.5.

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Real Flight Simulator Apk

Real Flight Simulator for Android

It is a flight simulation game which gives you an immersive experience of a real pilot who flies a plane. Earlier, It was only available for only PC users.

After seeing the number of smartphone gamers, developers thought to make its mobile version.
As you play any simulator game, it gives an amazing feel and experience. Real Flight Simulator makes you a pilot who is ready to fly a plane by sitting home.

In my experience, use the VR box to play such simulator games. It feels like reality. You can fly your plane in any part of the world and explore it from the sky. It will not be that easy to fly in the first try. You will have to practice a little.

Once you master it, you will be a pilot. In the first try of min, It got crashed, LOL. So keep patience, take your time. You will enjoy a lot.

  Download Real Flight Simulator Apk

Features of RFS

There are a lot of features included in Real Flight Simulator Apk. Here I am listing a few superb features which I liked most.

  • Advanced Flight Plan (Available in Pro Version) Using Advance Flight Plan feature, you can create, edit, and duplex flight plans.
  • Choose super cool air-craft skins Fly a plane in weather like Clear, foggy, rainy, storm. Estimate the Flight Time with customization of Fuel. Real-Time Flight (Pro Version) Forty thousand real-time flights every day.
  • Real-time traffic for the 35 largest airports in the world and their connected destinations Jump on any available real-time flight and bring it to destination Other Awesome Features High-quality amazing graphics Advanced Multi-panel control system like a real plane.
  • Autopilot- Sit back and let your plane fly and automatic landing system


Hope you guys will be going to try this flight simulation game. As I said, It is like flying a real plane. Game is not released completely and under the development.

If you find any bugs or errors, report them. Soon they will release the full version on play store and iOS app store. If you download the game from the app store, you will get the notification to update.

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  1. Yes I love games on smartphones. Developers are working hard to entertain us. I appreciate all your efforts. I am going to try flight simulation game.

  2. I enjoy everything related to flight: movies, games, pictures, and all else.
    I installed this game in my Lava Iris. It was so fun playing this game. Wow.. amazing.. Thanks for the suggestion!


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