Clash of Lights: Download the latest private server here

Clash of Lights: Download the latest private server here

Clash of lights is another phenomenal alternative of Clash of clans and trust me it is super addictive like I just cannot bring myself to avoid it, it’s that attractive. In any event, I’m here to provide the latest version of the game and I know you want it too, the sole reason you’re here, right? But, let’s first look into the deep what it’s actually about and how it differs from the original beast COC.

Clash of Lights

Clash of Lights: What is it?

Now, as you know there is a village we get with some resources and we have to fight our way in to collect more gold, elixir and with the help of that built an even stronger village [base] for yourself so that opponent finds it hard to destroy, then with progress it’s time for dark elixir and king and queen to show their powers, as the game progresses it gets tough for you and even for your opponents to do a total annihilation.

Well, yes the concept is totally the same but, yes, there are some changes to it and those changes are quite unique and effective.

Here in Clash of lights, you’ll a get a base with unlimited everything with some new characters there to introduce.

The original version has only king and queen as the heroes, indeed not the case here. You got golem king, wall-breaker king and so on.

Yes, it is true, it just completely blown my mind at the beginning.

There are many things so to speak in this exciting game and I’m sure you would love to experience such gameplay so, without further ado let’s move on to the main topic.

Clash of Lights: How to download:

To download Clash of lights follows the simple procedure below:

Clash of Lights: Download here.

To download the game, click on the link above, read the instructions and enjoy the gameplay.


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